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Why Babies Cry

Tips for your crying baby

Your baby is crying. Again. Why?! You may be feeling a little defeated as you try to figure out what it is your baby wants or needs when all of their communication sounds the same. Let us help! Here are the typical reasons why babies cry, and some tips to get you through. They’re hungry.…

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10 Questions To Ask Before You Hire Your Doula

10 questions to askin the doula interview

When it comes to hiring a doula, who you hire matters. As you prepare to interview potential candidates, you may be wondering what you should be asking them. Here are our top ten questions to ask when you are considering a new-to-you doula for your birth team: 1. WHY DID YOU BECOME A DOULA? Learning…

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Doulas are Unicorns

doula are unicorns

Okay, so doulas are not actually unicorns, but doesn’t the job title itself sound pretty mythical? SAY IT OUT LOUD: DOU-LA And when you think about the fact that they support people who are literally creating and bringing life into this world, it’s hard to refute the apparent magic of it all! But let’s not…

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